March 20, 2019

Coming Events

A 6 week Course

Commencing March 3rd

Week 1 Viewing the Movie

Week 2 Giving Up – The prelude to change

Week 3 Giving out – The power of a gift

Week 4 Getting Wise – The possibility of change

Week 5 Getting real – The power of acceptance

Week 6 The process of change

Information – Rev Judy Rigby

Fundraiser for women in need in Zambia

Easter Services

Ash Wednesday 6th March A short imposition of ashes service on Ash Wednesday at 10:00am and a similar service at Gladstone Park at 7:0pm

During Holy Week,  15th—18th April

John and Judy will alternate to offer evening meditations, which will commence at 7:00pm; these will take the form of readings, prayers, music and silence and participants will be encouraged to leave in silence; each will be around 30 minutes in length. AW will host Monday & Wednesday and GP, Tuesday & Thursday. Thursday’s service will be a Tennebrae service. It will be held by candlelight and will conclude in darkness and silence; it will be about 45 minutes in length.

Good Friday – 19th April 9.30am

Easter Day – 21st April 10am

Friendship Group bus tour