March 20, 2019

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Ash Wednesday Service 1st March 2017 – 7.30pm

Preacher :- Rev Lynden Broadstock


Habits are ways of acting that become second nature to us. Some of them are bad, but many of them are good. They give shape to our lives and help us as we respond to life’s challenges and tasks.    Christians are people who develop certain kinds of habits, that is, ways of acting that become ingrained in us as we follow Jesus and live the life of the Kingdom. We will be looking at some of these habits in the Lent study series. It is the Christian habit to be hospitable, to keep Sabbath, to honour the body, to say “Yes” to God, and to “testify”. These habits don’t suddenly appear fully developed. We learn them and we grow into them on the journey of discipleship. In this series we will be learning more about these habits, but more importantly, seeking to deepen our practise of them. We want to challenge, and encourage one another to become more “habitual” in our practise of these Kingdom essentials.The series will run over five weeks and will begin on Monday March 6th. The material doesn’t assume any particular level of “knowledge” and the discussion will draw on our own experiences. So don’t be anxious. All this study requires is a willingness to go a bit deeper and a bit further on the journey into the way of Jesus.

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