March 20, 2019

Gaming Machines Policy





DATE OF PREPARATION:            Updated August 2012








The electronic gaming machines industry tends to donate to services that are not related to minimising the harm caused by EGM gambling.  Acceptance of money from this industry can in fact assist the industry to promote their image.


Background to the development of this policy

In 2005, the Synod of Victoria andTasmaniaconsidered the development of a policy regarding the acceptance or otherwise of donations from the electronic gaming industry. Previous meetings of the Synod had opposed the expansion of this industry because of the resulting social and economic harms caused by the industry. 


However, as long as there are EGM available, some people will choose to gamble on them, and it is therefore argued that any benefits accruing to the wider community should be maximised.  State Governments, the Victorian Community Support Fund and the Tasmanian Community Support Levy are ways of redistributing EGM revenue for community benefit and the public good.


The policy, which was agreed by the meeting of the Synod of Victoria andTasmania(Resolution included a clause requiring the Synod to inform gaming industry peak bodies inVictoriaandTasmaniaof the resolution. 

In circulating the statement of policy to all congregations within the Synod, the General Secretary requested congregations to adhere to the policy as expressed in the Synod resolution in any situation where funds are offered, or where applications fro funds are contemplated.


Promotion of the Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) Industry

The Synod of Victoria andTasmaniaopposes the promotion of the electronic gaming machine (EGM) gambling industry.


Income from Electronic Gaming Machines

As a way of opposing the self-promotion of the EGM industry, congregations, schools and UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania agencies are requested not to accept donations from any private organisation that derives income from electronic gaming machines, noting that such organisations include, but are not limited to , individual gaming venues, TABCORP, Tattersalls, Clubs Victoria, Australian Hotels Association, Federal Hotels and Resorts, Wrest Point Hotel in Hobart, Country Club Casino in Launceston and Crown Casino.


Congregations, schools, UnitingCareVictoriaandTasmaniaagencies and other Synod-related bodies may accept money from the Victorian and Tasmanian State Governments, the Victorian Community Support Fund and the Tasmanian Community Support Levy.