March 20, 2019

Alcoholic Beverages Policy






DATE OF PREPARATION: 30th March 2012


DATE OF IMPLEMENTATION:       12th April 2012






TheUnitingChurchinAustraliadoes not impose a uniform policy about the serving and consumption of alcoholic drinks on its properties. 

This policy decision is delegated to each congregation. 


Licensing implications

The serving or sale of alcoholic drinks on Church properties hired or otherwise made available for the use of members of the public for meetings or other functions, requires the satisfaction of the relevant liquor licensing laws and regulations.  Although the congregation cannot be made directly responsible for any breaches of law by those hiring its facilities, there remains the potential for unruly or unacceptable behaviour to occur as a result of alcoholic drinks being served.   Such behaviour could bring the congregation into disrepute.


Church Premises

After considering the practical implications of permitting the serving and/or sale of alcoholic drinks on its properties, the Church Council of the Keilor East – Airport West Congregation determined that, no alcohol is to be served or made available on its premises.  The Church Council is of the belief that any activity undertaken on church property ought not be dependent upon the availability of alcohol for its success.


It is also recognised that the congregation has a responsibility to advise persons about its policy on refusing to permit the serving and consumption of alcohol on its properties whenever they are hired or made available for use to Church groups or other persons and/or bodies.


Hiring Agreements

It will be made a condition of the agreement for the hire of the congregation’s buildings that no alcohol is to be served or sold.