March 20, 2019

Mission Giving Policy




SUBJECT:                                         MISSIONS GIVING




DATE OF IMPLEMENTATION:       November 2011






The first Christians shared all things they owned and made sure no-one was left out.  Everyone’s needs were taken seriously.  It was a demonstration of their gratitude for what they had received from God.  For today’s Christians, the act of sharing what God has given us helps us to minister love, hope and justice in the name of Christ.


By sharing what God has given us, this congregation will endeavour to boldly support God’s mission to the wider community.  By giving sacrificially for God’s mission, we will indicate to the wider community our preparedness to depend on the grace of God.  This congregation accepts that teaching and modelling good stewardship is an essential part of discipleship-training and evidences our faith in Christ.


Proportionate giving

The Congregation will aim to give 5% of each year’s income to Mission outreach projects of the wider church as a tithe, in addition to any required payments to Presbytery/Synod (e.g. Mission & Services fund) and to any love offerings made.


This 5% proportion of yearly income will be based upon the prior year’s income, excluding; specific purpose monies that come in and out, money held for the operation of a group belonging to the Congregation, in/out donations by individuals for a specific mission and the mission and service value as set by the presbytery.


The yearly income will not include principle or interest gained from the sale of any properties, these monies will be used for the continuing work and support of our local Church (e.g. manse allowance and property improvements) the balance of the income (interest) may be used for mission giving. The principal held in trust may also be used for special mission giving.


Additional love offerings

Congregational responses to unpredicted mission projects, will take the form of a ‘love offering’ as a specified additional commitment.

The offering for the Benevolent Fund will be included in these ‘love offerings’.



Administration of the giving of the Congregation.

The 5% proportion of the Congregation’s income earmarked for Mission Giving will be paid out of general congregational funds.


In the first quarter of each year, the Mission Projects Team will make recommendations to the Congregation, about the Organisations and areas of the wider church to which donations will be made, from congregational funds in the current year.


In general, the recommendations made to the congregation will include:

  • One international mission project,
  • One national mission project,
  • One state-wide mission project, and
  • One local mission project.

Some indication of the proportions of the funds available that are to be donated to each of the recommended causes will be suggested to the congregation for its consideration.


From time to time, the Treasurer will advise the Coordinator of the Mission Ministry Area of the amount available for distribution.


The Coordinator of the Mission Ministry Area will be responsible for informing the Congregation about the respective amounts given to the organisations and areas of the wider church that it agreed to support.