March 20, 2019

Forests & Recycling Policy



SUBJECT:                             FORESTS AND RECYCLING


DATE OF PREPARATION:  Modified 16 August, 2007


DATE OF IMPLEMENTATION:       November 2011





The Keilor East –AirportWestUnitingChurch, is committed to ensuring that future generations have as a right, a rich plant and animal world, abundant nature, healthy air, clean and sufficient waters and healthy woodland.


Background to the development of this policy

In 1991, the Assembly of theUnitingChurchadopted a statement entitled the Rights of Nature and Rights of Future Generations.  In 2001, the (then) Synod of Tasmania noted that this statement embraced the absolute protection of rare ecosystems.  In 2004, the Synod of Victoria andTasmaniaendorsed the statement and resolved “to request presbyteries, congregations, agencies, schools and members to consider the environmental impacts of timber and wood products (including paper) and to seek to reduce the use of timber and wood products where such reduction is reasonably possible and will have a net environmental benefit ”


Recycling of kitchen refuse, plastics and garden waste

It is the desire of the Keilor east – Airport West Uniting Church, to have all individuals and groups using the Church property place as much recyclable material as possible in the relevant bins as provided by the Moonee Valley City Council.  To aid this, clearly marked small bins for recyclable materials will be placed strategically in the Church buildings, in the office, the kitchen and each of the halls. The congregation is encouraged to observe similar practices within their home environment.



As much as is possible and appropriate, photocopying done for the church by any of its members and leaders should be done back to back, to reduce the volume of paper used.


Purchase of recycled materials

Those involved in the purchase of paper and timber for church use are to carefully consider the most environment-friendly material to use and to seriously consider if appropriate, the purchase of recycled paper for the photocopier and recycled timber for any construction of or repairs to wooden structures the church property requires.


Awareness of environmental protection issues

The person responsible for the Social Justice portfolio will bring to the attention of the congregation, environmental issues upon which its members can take action, especially issues circulated by Synod departments and other Christian bodies.


From time to time, the person responsible for the Social Justice portfolio will take the opportunity to circulate material that educates the congregation about particular environmental issues and share ‘good news’ stories of actions being undertaken to preserve our natural environment.



The person responsible for the Social Justice portfolio will also take appropriate opportunities to keep the congregation informed about forestry industry issues, especially if there is some action or support it can give to help the people affected by those issues in their community.


Responsibility of members of the Congregation

Congregational members will be encouraged to bring environmental issues to the notice of other members as part of their stewardship of the world that God has given us.